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Bachkovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Asenovgrad municipality, Plovdiv district. Bachkovo is 9 km away from Asenovgrad is situated on both banks of the river Chepelare. The village was founded in 1062 Bachkovo name comes from Bac tax (road tax) which is paid to pass on the road to Smolyan. Not far from Bachkovo is Chernyovitsa area in which the reign of King Shishman Chernovitsa fortress existed.
Every year on Easter Monday in the "Kluviyata", located southeast of the village gathering place for rural families. In honor of the patroness of the monastery Bachkovo Virgin Mary, the laity carry the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of the monastery church in the rocks "Kluviyata" for worship. It is believed that after passing under the icon, the Mother of God will watch over the health of the servant of God.
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